Working Group Members

Claudia Allen, Family Stress Clinic in UVA Department of Family Medicine (Co-Chair)
Charlene Green, Piedmont Housing Alliance, President’s Council (Co-Chair)
Kaki Dimock, Albemarle County Social Services 
Rev. Alvin Edwards, Mount Zion Church 
Dan Eggleston, Chief, Albemarle County Fire & Rescue 
Misty Graves, Human Services, Charlottesville 
Robert Gray, The Uhuru Foundation 
Tom von Hemert, CIT coordinator 
Eric Irizarry, ACPS, President’s Council 
Toni Irving, UVA Darden School of Business 
Denise Johnson, Charlottesville Public Schools 
Michael Kochis, City of Charlottesville Chief of Police 
Kate Lambert, Boys and Girls Club 
Tim Longo, UVA Chief of Police 
Jackie Martin, UVA Health 
Sue Moffett, Social Services, City of Charlottesville 
Harold Patterson, Region 10; Street-level intervention 
Sean Reeves, Albemarle County Chief of Police 
Kyndall Walker, UVA Student 
William Washington, Clergy, Bridge Ministry Re-entry Program (Jay James as designee) 
Regine Wright, Charlottesville Public Schools


Collaborate with representatives from the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, community and UVA to identify ways to improve community safety, leverage existing resources and services, and recommend activities that have the greatest potential for immediate impact on our local community.

Scope of Work

Gather data on existing programs supporting/promoting community safety and available resources to include youth programming, criminal justice reform, and existing resources and services related to improving community safety.

Identify gaps and evaluate barriers to success in regional services and care coordination.

Engage, listen, and solicit feedback from variety of stakeholders who work in the space of community safety but are not on the formal working group. Incorporate their feedback into recommendations.

Develop recommendations focused on short- and medium-term measures that create tangible impact in the areas of mental and behavioral health, youth programming and public safety/agency coordination.


This working group will develop a report with recommendations focused on short- and medium-term efforts to enhance community safety. The report should also include anticipated resources required for implementation as appropriate.

Required Considerations

Recommendations may leverage existing resources and services, but should not be duplicative of efforts that already exist in our community.

Recommendations should leverage the work of existing President’s Council focus areas in order to maximize impact.

The group should align with the Karsh Institute Research Lab on Gun Violence to best collaborate on long term priorities.

The group will continue to meet for as long as it produces actionable ideas and identifies pathways for implementation.