Advisory Group Members & Charge


Advisory Group Members

J.J. Davis, Advisory Group Chair, UVA Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Jim Murray, Member, UVA BOV; Founder, Presidential Precinct; Managing Partner, Court Square Ventures; Founder, Presidential Precinct
Carlos Brown, Vice Rector, UVA BOV; Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer, Dominion Energy
Danny Abramson, Member, UVAF Board of Directors; Principal, Abramson Properties
Robert Byron, Member, UVAF Board of Directors; Chairman & Co-Founder, Blue Vista Companies
Kevin Chavers, Member, UVAF Board of Directors
Harold Folley, Community Organizer, Legal Aid Justice Center; Liaison from President's Council on UVA-Community Partnerships
Lou Haddad, Member, UVA BOV; CEO/President, Armada Hoffler Properties
Eddie Howard, Executive Director, Abundant Life Ministries
Alex Ikefuna, Interim Director of the Office of Community Solutions, City of Charlottesville
Jen Jacobs, Executive Director, Albemarle Housing Improvement Program
Joy Johnson, Founder and Chair, Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents
Louis Nelson, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach
Stacy Pethia, Principal Planner for Housing, Albemarle County
Tim Rose, Chief Executive Officer, UVAF
Susi Yu, Principal, Head of Development, MAG Partners

Advisory Group Charge

The Affordable Housing Advisory Group (“Advisory Group”) will serve as a sounding board to help advance the affordable housing work, a priority that was identified in the UVA-Community Working Group’s 2019 report. The Advisory Group will provide guidance and expertise, and will review the recommendations of an internal staff work team and their consultants to then bring forward to the Executive Sponsor, President Jim Ryan, on the following: 

- Community Engagement: Work with the project consultant and internal staff work team to create effective communication with the local community, as well as with housing advocacy organizations, to ensure ample input and transparency.

- Target Population: Consider UVA’s role in addressing local housing needs in a way that is complementary to, and not duplicative of, the work of existing housing organizations. 

- Development Strategy: Review and recommend proposals for an approach to support the development of approximately 1,000 to 1,500 affordable housing units over the next ten years. Consider how to partner with public/private sector entities.



UVA has established a goal to support the development of 1,000 to 1,500 affordable housing units over a decade on land in Charlottesville and/or Albemarle County that is owned by UVA or the UVA Foundation.


Subject to change based on financing, entitlements, etc.


Advisory Group Convenes

Site Review & Announcement

Preliminary Community Engagement

Preliminary Financial Analysis

Developer Engagement

Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals

Negotiations & Legal Agreements

Pre-construction Activities

Community Engagement




Due Diligence for Sites

Final Agreements




Development Principles

Affordable Housing Development Principles

Site Maps



February 9, 2024

  • The Advisory Group endorsed the selection of two development partners: Piedmont Housing Alliance (PHA) for the Piedmont site and Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) for the Wertland & 10th St site. We are negotiating partnership terms with both development teams, which will hold the developers accountable for creating high quality developments that will be affordable and well maintained for the long term.
  • Site due diligence was a focus for the fall/winter of 2023 and will continue into 2024.
  • Each development team will lead a robust Community Engagement process. We expect the process for both sites to begin in early 2024.
  • The timeline for construction will depend on the rezoning process and the financing. Based on conversations with the developers, construction likely will not commence before 2026 at the earliest.  
  • At its February 7th public hearing, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the UVA Foundation's zoning application related to North Fork. This approval will allow for residential use under Neighborhood Model District (NMD) guidelines on a portion of the North Fork property in addition to existing planned development industrial park (PDIP) uses.

Project News

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On Friday, January 28, 2022, UVA Senior Vice President for Operations and State Government Relations Colette Sheehy and University Architect Alice Raucher were on Real Talk on the I Love CVille Network, discussing UVA's affordable housing initiative with hosts Keith Smith and Jerry Miller. 


Gina Merritt of Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures (NREUV) is providing strategic planning and project support services for the University’s affordable housing initiative and helping identify potential development partners. Dr. Merritt and her team bring both technical expertise and significant experience engaging local communities throughout the development process.


Please contact the Staff Work Team at [email protected] with questions.